We are a Women-owned and family-owned company that produces the Verti-Block Wall system here in Michigan. Cathy and Anne Marie both have owned businesses over the years, and continue to strive to offer exceptionally high-quality products at affordable prices. Our business values have remained the same since we were young in the business world: we take care of our customers first, produce good products, and live out our convictions of family, integrity, and honesty. We are happy to bring the Verti-Block wall system to Michigan, as it offers a nice enhancement to any landscaping, whether it’s in your back yard or on the side of a highway.

In addition to owning and running our own businesses, we have worked for our husband’s businesses for many years in the construction and Industrial engineering industries. We wanted an engineered product that was not only superior in function but would bring beauty to the landscape and we found it Verti-Block. This was a perfect fit for us. As a Woman-owned and operated Company we’re old school – We believe in laying a solid foundation of hard work, treating our employees fairly and our customers with honesty and respect. We look forward to working with you.

Cathy & Anne Marie,

Cathy Fick

VP Manufacturing & Accounting

Anne Marie Bristol

VP Sales & Marketing

CA Cornerstone of Michigan is a women-owned business and a licensed producer of Verti-Block in the state of Michigan. We have a track record of outstanding customer service centered around quality products.